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A leader is someone who takes charge when it matters the most. Even when the odds are completely against them they push on to reach their goal. The person I believe is a great leader is Wardell Stephen Curry II. Stephen Curry dreamed of going to the NBA and be just like his dad Dell Curry. Steph Curry was doubted all his life due to his size though. He stood at the height of 5’6 in the 10th grade which made it hard for him to follow his dream. The summer of his sophomore year he decided to change his shot for the better. He averaged 20 points a game but it wasn’t enough for colleges to notice him. He ended up going to Davidson college where he later lead them to the be the NCAA final 8 but lost in the semi-finals, and during his time in college …show more content…

The reason I picked Stephen Curry as the person I think is a good leader is because he has inspired me in more ways than one and he is also a great Christian person. He always has written, “I can do all things…” on his basketball shoes. Stephen Curry taught me that no matter how bad circumstances seem you should always try and you will reach your goal. Stephen Curry was in the exact situation I’m in right now. The summer of my sophomore year I decided to change my shooting form for the better. I’m 5’9 and 130 pounds so I’m not exactly a large person. But Stephen Curry has inspired me to continue doing what I love no matter how much the odds are against me. I remember watching Stephen Curry for the first time. It was about two years ago when Lebron James and Ray Allen left the Miami Heat. It was the Nba Finals about 2 years ago and I remember the Golden State Warriors were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. I wanted the Warriors to win of course because Lebron went to the Cavs. I was so excited when the Warriors won and became the NBA champs. During the finals I realized Steph Curry was a very talented person. I will continue to look up to Stephen Curry and look at his accomplishments when I am in

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