Why I Want To Be An NHS

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Being a part of the National Honor Society would be a privilege. I have been chosen as a candidate due to my academic excellence, but I understand it takes more than just a good GPA. I believe my abilities to be a leader, serve others, and express good character meet the standards set by NHS. The service opportunities that I will have as a part of NHS is what I look forward to the most. I’ve had good experience volunteering to serve others in the past. Most of my service opportunities have been through my church, going on mission trips and helping the local community. Even when there’s no reward, helping others is always satisfying. I look at the required NHS volunteer hours as a great opportunity rather than a homework assignment. Leadership can be achieved in two ways; leading by example, and being a vocal leader. I believe that I am capable of both types of leadership. Most of my experience being a leader comes from sports. I currently play football and basketball. In football, I have always been a quarterback, which means I have always been the vocal leader of my team. As a quarterback, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is in the right place and knows their role in every play. Also, I have to accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong, …show more content…

Character is being willing to do what 's right in every situation, even if it 's not the popular choice. I 've always prided myself on having strong morals and good character. I feel like the defining moment of my character came in fifth grade. At lunch I noticed a kid, who was my friend, making fun of a another kid, who was new to the school and struggling to fit in. I confronted my friend in an effort to stop the harassment, and ended up getting in a fight with him. Of course I 'm not proud of getting in a fight, but, the kid who I stood up for later thanked me. This ensured to me that what I did was the right

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