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The main chamber of Leake County announced what might be a new tradition of naming a grand marshall for the Christmas parade. Russel Baty, who is the chamber director, has made up in his mind that Rev. Marcus Mann will be the grand marshall. Rev. Marcus Mann is a native of Carthage, he attended school at South Leake High School where he was a good basketball player and was a very smart student. He graduated at the top of his class and was a top five basketball player in Mississippi. He went to college at East Central Community College (ECCC) and Mississippi Valley State University. In June of 1996, one month after he graduated magna cum laude, the Golden State Warriors selected him as the 11th pick in the second round there were forty overall. He was also named the SWAC player of the Year and was the first player from MSVU to earn that award.…show more content…
Marcus Mann would be an excellent grand marshall. I am not just saying that because he is my pastor. He is a really good man and deserves to be grand marshall. He is a good role model for kids of all ages I for one look up to him and I am proud of him. He is wonderful on the court but even better when it comes to preaching. I used to would go to church and be shy, but when I see him getting ready to preach I have to stand up and just clap a little bit. God has blessed him in many ways than one. He is a very intelligent and funny man one would love to be around him all the time. He is the type of man who loves to be around his family and would do anything for

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