Foul Trouble Literary Analysis

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Literary Essay

I read the realistic fiction novel, Foul Trouble by John Feinstein. The book is told from the point of view of third person. It was told in third person because the story was about two different people. Terrell Jamerson the best basketball player in the country went to a basketball camp with Danny wilcox and college scouts are there watching. Everyone wants to be all up on Terrell and Danny doesn’t get to be with him as much. All of the people like shoe places, agents and other people can make Terrell get in trouble. Danny then starts to play really good and the recruiters start watching him.

There are many lessons to be learned from this story, but one of the major lessons is hard work pays off. I believe that this is the …show more content…

After he was starting to get talked about he hit the biggest shot of his life. It was a buzzer beater three to win! He was working on his three point shot when he was getting better. He usually couldn’t shoot that good in games but that one went in. After he made that shot something had clicked in his head. He was making a good percentage of his shots.

The last reason I have for my theme is that they worked hard to get watched by good colleges. Both Terrell and Danny were getting watched by colleges but Terrell had more of the better colleges watching him because he started off better and more skilled than Danny. Danny also had good colleges watch him that were D1 schools from the ACC and SEC conferences. It takes a lot of hard work to get recognized by a D1 college. If you get scouted by more than 3 colleges than that is pretty good for a highschooler.

There are many life lessons to be learned from Foul Trouble. Although the main theme of the book is to live your life no matter how long it is. My first reason was that Danny works hard to get noticed. Another reason this is the theme the author is trying to show is that Terrell and Danny have been working hard at basketball and being recruited. Lastly, you should be inspired by this theme because it can help you with whatever you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t doing a sport it just means that if you work hard for what you are doing then

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