Personal Narrative: My First Up To The Field

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This is a fun, exciting, and cheerful game. It has bunches of people watching others.It makes me feel good when I walk up to the plate.I always feel like I’m at home when I step onto the field. I play my position and have fun doing it. I catch the ball sometimes pop flies or ground balls.I field the ball then either throw it to 1st or 2nd(Most of the time). We get three out then we go in the dugout to bat. We all get a chance to bat until they get three outs on us. First up to bat is my best friend Cameron he normally bunts(because he is fast)then it is me. I step up to the plate ready to hit what coach tells me to hit. Most of the time he tells me to swing away. He gives me the signal to swing away and I do. I normally hit the ball to the

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