Personal Narrative: My Passion To Play Softball

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“Softball has been noticed since 1887”. Ever since I was in t-ball, i’ve played ever since then because passionate about playing. I like softball because I get the time to play and bond with my teammates. My strong suits in softball are throwing and hitting because i can throw hard, and hit strong and it’s my passion to play major league softball. “softball is important in my life because i played ever since i was in Rag ball and t-ball “.

“ sports do not build character they reveal it “. Once i was a little girl my sister played softball and i thought what the heck i should try it. Once I tried out softball after my first game I was hooked and i had to play until my softball career was over and started playing travel ball and play in college. “ ever since my sister played softball i wanted to because i wanted to be her and be as good as her and i did become just like her “. …show more content…

The reason why i’m these positions is because I have a good arm to throw across the field and I can run to home base speedy quick. Once I get to the bases my teammates throw the ball to me so I can get the other team out so we can go hit. The reason I play first base is because I can catch a ball like that but not the ones that get thrown to the ground obviously.

Where I play …show more content…

Once they get done throwing we all went to go get a drink. So we practice at the old Wayne Center School in the field they have and for games we go all over the

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