Personal Narrative: My Life Without Ringette

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Life is full of experiences and it is these experiences that influence the development of a person. Some of these experiences have a positive effect and others have a negative effect. I can truly say that ringette has been one of the most positive and influential experiences in my life. I have been playing ringette since I was six years old and now twelve years later, I could not imagine my life without ringette. I have grown up with ringette and it has made a significant impact on my personal development. First, my physical development has been influenced as I have seen the importance of physical activity through ringette. In addition, ringette has influenced me intellectually as I have learned many skills. Moreover, through the participation …show more content…

I am an only child, but with the aid of ringette, I have developed a huge second family full of sisters that I love. I am forever grateful for the lifelong memories and lifelong friendships I have created through ringette. I consider myself a relatively shy and reserved person; however, with the aid of the team oriented ringette, I have slowly been able to branch out and be a little bit more open. I have become more social and confident through ringette. Developing these relationships in a smaller setting has made the transition easier to be more open in public situations as well. I know the importance of communication and these communication skills can be translated in everyday life because when working with others everyone needs to communicate to ensure every task is being completed successfully. I have learned how to cooperate with a diverse group of people, no matter the circumstance. This has equipped me for life inside and outside ringette as I know how to be professional and civil with everyone that I encounter. In line with this, I have learned how to keep calm and controlled in frustrating situations. Self-discipline and good sportsmanship can be very beneficial to ensure one stays classy without showing weakness to others. The sport of ringette is based around the idea of teamwork and all teammates working together towards …show more content…

To begin, the physical activity that comes with playing ringette has shown be the importance of maintain a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, on an intellectual level, ringette has taught me so many life skills. Furthermore, through the comradery of ringette, I have developed socially in ways I would have never been able to without ringette. Ringette has demonstrated to me that one faces both triumphant wins and humbling losses. It is the hunger to bounce back and always seek to be better that is key to both continuing the sport and to have success in life. One’s life is not perfect, but it is how one deals with challenges that determine the success of a person. I would like to be both a player and coach in the future in the quest of sharing my love for the game. Ringette has helped me pursue my athletic passion and now it can help me pursue my academic goals as well. I would like to pursue recreation and leisure services so that I can share my love and appreciation for sports just like ringette. If it was not for my participation in ringette, I would have never has the opportunity to discover my passion for sports and helping

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