Trip Essays

  • Personal Narrative-Andros Trip

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    Andros was truly a unique experience on the trip. The scenery was fascinating, as was

  • Personal Narrative: Mission Trip

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    Mission Trip Its summer 14 and I’m about to go to West Virginia on a mission trip called ASP. I’ve been waiting to go on this trip since I was 8 years old, and now I’m finally old enough. Everybody at my church who goes talks about the fin times fixing houses, how the hard work makes them feel like they’re on top of the world. They talk about the bonds that they built that would last forever, so of course I was excited for the trip. It was only a week long, I think to myself. How can so something

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Teton Wagon Train

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    Throughout my life I have done many amazing things. When asked to my “best moment” was, I didn’t have to think long before I came up with my trip on the Teton Wagon Train in Wyoming. The trip was simply amazing, we spent a whole week outside in the mountains. During this trip I rode a horse for the first time. This was, by far my favorite part of the whole trip. The wagon train was one of the best things I have ever done. I loved it for many reasons. We were outside in the mountains for a whole week

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Lake Michigan

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    A Trip to Lake Michigan This year my family and some friends decided to do something different than our traditional beach vacation. We didn’t want to make the long trip down to Florida to go to the beach for a few days and then have to make the 2-day journey home. So what did we do? We decided to try out the northern beaches of the United States. Moratorium week, just after the fourth of July holiday, was really the only time that the families could get away without having a basketball practice

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cancun Mexico

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    In my life ive had lots of memorable events , but the most unforgettable one was my graduation trip to Cancun Mexico. when I first found out I was going to this trip I thought it would be so easy as in just get up and go, but no this trip took tons of planing, the most important part of this trip was getting my passport that took about five weeks to arrive, once I received my passport then I was able to start booking my flight, that's when the excitement started,then I booked my hotel. I took care

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Middle School

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    all over the place, bags around my shoulders, excited to tell my mom about my trip. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. So much excitement, thrill, and determination out of almost everyone on the trip. This is one trip that I will never forget because of the laughs with friends and the surprise storm on our last night. Going into my 8th grade year, my youth group started the first annual canoeing trip for middle schoolers. My youth leader, Chuck, wanted to do something fun with

  • Personal Narrative: My Waterboarding Trip To The Beach

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    I will never forget the time When I was at camp this summer I went on the waterboarding trip to lake joe, cassidy. We drove for two hours to go to the lake we were halfway to the lake, and get out of the van everyone thought that the car was going to catch on fire but before we returned to the van, we had to wait a for about 30 minutes. We all went back in the van which still smelled terrible. After a while which felt like forever the smell finally went a way. We made it to the boat ramp but

  • Personal Narrative: How Missions Trip Changed My Life

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    It was a nice start to a cold winter morning just when I got out of bed, I knew that this missions trip was going to be amazing but I did not know that it would change my life forever. It all started after my sister came back from a missions trip from Mexico, that I got the burning desire inside to go and help out and maybe even one day become a missionary. Once she was home though she told me all these wonderful stories of how she had helped out people with things like fix broken houses, paint the

  • Personal Narrative: Colorado Brotherly Bash

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    Colorado Brotherly Bash It was a nice, warm July morning in Shawnee, Kansas when the Turpin and Burner families started their trip to Colorado. After a long stressful night of packing and getting ready for a six-hour long car ride the journey began. There was not much need for entertainment since everyone was so tired from the long night of suffering and misery. My brother and I started fighting even in the car ride to Colorado because we just couldn 't wait that long without engaging in some

  • Change In Erdrich's The Red Convertible

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    During his final road trip with Henry, Lyman felt that his brother was returning back to normal. Lyman noticed that Henry’s face looked “clear, more peaceful” and he took it as his brother was doing better. He was able to relax a little bit and feel carefree once again. Once

  • Maya Angelou Travel

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    She went to both France and Italy on a ten day group trip that her French teacher organized. This was an action packed trip in which the group was going sightseeing almost the entire time. Some of the major attractions they visited in France include the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, Nice on the French Rivera, and Monaco. Everything

  • Personal Narrative: The Refugee Trail

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    Saturday morning, awake at 5:30. Packed bag ready to go. Elevation: 1,207. I’ve been waiting for this trip with my scouting group for over a month now, planning meals, setting up tenting arrangements, and gathering supplies. San Jacinto peak, one of four Saint mountains in California with an elevation of over 10,000 feet. I arrive at the camp ranger station listening to the long and required safety lecture: stay on the trail, watch out for endemic wildlife, leave no trace, etc… As my foot hit the

  • Essay On Personal Growth In My Life

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    The past four years of my life hold both my highest of highs and my lowest of lows. High school can be a very awkward time period in a person’s life. Four years ago, I made the intimidating switch from St. Mary’s School to Algoma High School. There were certain aspects of high school which made me nervous, but academics was not one of them. I learned how to be a responsible student in my earlier years, and school had always come relatively easy to me. As high school went on, the workload grew, but

  • My Father In Heaven

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    The poem “My Father, In Heaven, Is Reading Aloud,” written by Li-Young Lee in 1990, has a serious and consistent religious undertone as it chronologically describes the life of the poet growing older alongside his father until his eventual death. Countless possible understandings, expectations, and theories about this poem exist, particularly due to the poem’s tendency to leave the reader with vague qualities. Due to evidence both throughout the poem and the author’s life, the speaker of this poem

  • Piermont New Hampshire: A Short Story

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    We finally made it, the day has come when we arrived at Piermont New Hampshire. Our week long vacation in July has just begun! Even though it was a long two hour drive from Ludlow, it was worth the wait. The jeep wrangler, black in color had pulled up into the driveway. Its boxy structure covered with bug splatters on the windshield from the long ride up. It came to a stop, dad had turned off the engine and at the same time the both of us had let out a deep sigh. Feeling relaxation taking over our

  • Mistreatment In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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    twice through the Nurses’ Stations glass he made a dangerous situation that should and was reprehensible. Lastly, with McMurphy’s indiscretions, Nurse Ratched had to make the safe decision by turning the other patient's opinions against McMurphy’s trip. The ultimate message was to portray that sometimes with the mentally ill there are right times when harsh, strict, and orderly rules enforced by someone who is strong is a good

  • The Prison Environment

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    Sociologist Erving Goffman classified prisons as a type of "total institution"- a self-contained social setting that exerts near-complete control over its inhabitants. It's a way to legally separate criminals isolating them altogether far away from society in order to punish of their cruel behaviors. As we all know, the prison environment can affect the beliefs, attitude and behaviors of inmates and correctional officers the longer the stay. Ted Conover an American author and journalist, decides

  • Personal Narrative: My Life Without Ringette

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    Life is full of experiences and it is these experiences that influence the development of a person. Some of these experiences have a positive effect and others have a negative effect. I can truly say that ringette has been one of the most positive and influential experiences in my life. I have been playing ringette since I was six years old and now twelve years later, I could not imagine my life without ringette. I have grown up with ringette and it has made a significant impact on my personal development

  • On Habit Dubotton Analysis

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    can indeed change their lives without having to make any external changes, simply by being comfortable alone will affect their lives and having a positive mindset have an impact on traveling. If an individual is happy during their trip, the trip will be a great trip regardless of where the destination is. By simply having a positive mindset, a simple

  • Spring Break Short Story

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    “Omg! You guys this is going to be the best trip ever!” I said excitedly. In a matter of hours we would be on an airplane heading for Panama! This would be our best Spring Break yet… so we thought. “You guys should I bring my Pink swimsuit or pick up a new one at the mall tomorrow?” asked Brooklyn. Jayla and I stared at the 5 year old swimsuit that looked like had been on more beach trips then all of us combined. “Buy a new one please, you 've had that swimsuit ever