Personal Narrative: Mission Trip

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Mission Trip Its summer 14 and I’m about to go to West Virginia on a mission trip called ASP. I’ve been waiting to go on this trip since I was 8 years old, and now I’m finally old enough. Everybody at my church who goes talks about the fin times fixing houses, how the hard work makes them feel like they’re on top of the world. They talk about the bonds that they built that would last forever, so of course I was excited for the trip. It was only a week long, I think to myself. How can so something change someone’s life so quickly. About 3 weeks before we left for our trip we were told that there was some serious flooding going on in there area we were going to. The city apparently look like a giant had trampled through clumsily, destroying …show more content…

There had been a brother and sister who had been caught in the 9 ft flood waters. Donna tells us that some people had found them and tried to pull them in with electrical cords, but the sister was swept away. Her body still hadn’t been found almost a month later. There was also a woman who had lost her husband in the flood. The water was extremely high where she was, and she had been with her husband, who was bedridden and couldn 't walk. The wife had called for help for hours before she had to go outside and see if she could find anyone. She was also swept away, but she lived. Her husband however when the water got inside the house and he couldn 't get away. He just laid there waiting for his wife to come back, hoping he’d be saved before the water got to high, but she never came back. After hearing all of this my heart feel heavy and drained. I feel so selfish because all of my life i had taken for granted the things people down here would never experience. I never stopped to think how lucky I am to be safe in my own home. How lucky I am to have never lost anyone I love. Leaving West Virginia, I look back on that day where Donna told me these stories. I have a feeling in my chest that I can 't explain. I’m forever changed and I have a whole new outlook on the world. I learned to never take for granted the things in life I am blessed to have. ASP had

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