Write An Essay On The Death Of Clewiston

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There was a female pastor by the name of Pastor Boyd, who predicted back in 2003 at the beginning of the summer that there will be seven deaths. She predicted that all the deaths would be teenagers. Were these deaths prophesied or was it coincidence? There were a lot of questions in the air about her prophecy. Everyone wanted to know who it would be. The predictions or prophecies were all black teenage males. These horrific events took place in a small town in Clewiston, FL. Clewiston is a small agricultural town in South Florida. There is a small sub-division called Harlem, FL which is made up of 99 percent African-Americans. The sun has risen and school is out. A young 13-year-old African American male by the name of Travon wanted to go out with his friends from school; …show more content…

As water rushed into his lungs, his body became less buoyant. Because panic set in, the friends didn’t know what to do; therefore, were able to keep him afloat. All of a sudden he stops shaking, and everyone calms down. Everyone stared at each other in disbelief before reality sets in. “He’s dead”, one friend says softly while the others remain silent. Travon was the first teenager to die that summer. A week later the town was still raddled about Travon death. People were whispering about who would be the next victim. Everyone wanted to know how the next teenager would die. Even though the talk was fresh in town about Travon’s death, it didn’t change the routine everyone had set in place. So a couple of days later two sisters had a party. Their birthday is close to each other so they celebrate it on the same day. The party took place outside. The night was dark, and the block was filled with teenagers. Everything seemed to be going well; however, Nunny got into an argument with one of the sisters who were throwing the party (which was his girlfriend). He told her that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Nunny decided to go home after the

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