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The book 5.41, Randy Turner and John Hacker, is a story of a great devastation that hit the town of Joplin, Missouri on the 22nd of May 2011, where humanity saw the destructive tornado that hit their town, and people lost a large number of townspeople. It was the place of a great amount of people who survived the most catastrophic tornado they had seen in their lifetime. The President of the United States, the Governor of Missouri, a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister gave speeches to the people of Joplin after the tornado was struck about a week later, and what did they need to hear from them that people of Joplin had to strive to help their neighbours b looking out to each other, they had to have faith in themselves that were strong …show more content…

Reverend Justin Monaghan, a Catholic priest from St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, and Reverend Aaron Brown, a Methodist minister from Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church, expressed their sentiments. thoughts and prayers to the survivors but also to the victims of the devastating tornado that already perished that God will never abandoned us in the midst of disaster and also havoc but He will guide us towards the path of recovery and also together as one. Reverend Brown also conveyed to the people of Joplin that, “We are not a people with out hope. We are people from whom hope and light and life shines to the ends of the Earth.”
With this catastrophe, many relied on their leaders and the clergy in which they want to hear a message of hope, encouragement, togetherness and also faith. Moreover, it assured that no matter what tragedy that they faced, they must be strong and also unite as one as they embark on a journey to a recovery and also a renewal of friendship. In conclusion, what was once lost has blossomed anew and the message that God will protect his people has prevailed. The victims of Joplin are now on their path to recovery and religion binds them together as they complete the healing

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