The Long Walk By Stephen King: Chapter Analysis

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Rusty Crowder Period 2 Quarter 2 Commentary #1 The Long Walk by Stephen King Pages 1-25 (Chapter 1) The story starts off with the main character, Raymond Davis Garraty. He is a 16-year-old boy from Maine. The only one competing from Maine, where the long walk takes place, and is supported by big crowds of people. Garraty and his mother arrive in a guarded parking in a blue Ford that looks like a small tired dog after a hard run. The guard gets Garraty's information in order for them to enter. His mother questions why the guard did not give it back. Garraty realizes that he's actually near the field of walkers, but for the first time, the thought weighs him down. His mother asks him to change his mind about being a walker, but Garraty says

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