Boy 21 Book Summary

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The book I have chosen to review is Boy 21, a fictional read that is written by Matthew Quick. Quick is a New York Times best-selling author debuting in novels such as The Silver Linings Playbook and Love May Fail. To best describe this book, it is a captivating read that is comforting for the mind, as it canvasses the raw and unflinching life of a high school senior who displays love for basketball and life relationships. Furthermore, set in a troubled Belmont city of Philadelphia, Quick incorporates the presence of mobs and violence which is captivating towards the reader and audience. I was intrigued about how the novel was written through Finley the main protagonist, which was Quick’s childhood perspective of life in Philadelphia and his passion towards basketball. The plot is narrated by Finley and follows his life throughout the senior year in Belmont, Philadelphia. The story portrays the point of view of Finley, the only caucasian teenager at school and his thoughts towards his two friends Russ …show more content…

This novel was exceptionally peculiar, which made the book nearly impossible to predict and held my attention until the very end. Matthew Quick was able to write a story I could easily relate to because of my passion towards basketball and common hardships teenagers endure. Moreover, frequent scenarios within the novel showed realistic struggles within violence that are very relatable and realistic in the 21st century. For instance, the internal struggles of high schoolers such as jealousy and trying to fit in. On top of this, it was astounding to see all three dynamic characters, Russ, Erin, and Finley develop throughout the story, as all three grew their friendship and learned from one another leaving you breathless. Quick shows the reader how connections help affect change in others and how everyone is connected more than they perceive to

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