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Jordan Peele is the director and screenwriter of the horror thriller Get Out. The film was released on February 24, 2017. The movie is about a young successful African American man named Chris, who is dating a wealthy white woman, named Rose. He goes on a weekend trip with his girlfriend to meet her family and it turns out to be a nightmare. The film Get Out reveals the horror of liberal racism in America. The film starts out with an African American man walking in the suburbs. He sees a car and is frightened. A person in a hood strangles him from behind and kidnaps him. This illustrates the fear African Americans have in a white society. The movie then fasts forwards to New York City and turns the focus on Chris who is a successful young photographer. When he is in the city he is happy as can be and is safe. This suggests that the city is a safe space for African Americans. The film then moves to a secluded area where Chris goes with his white girlfriend, Rose to meet her wealthy family. This suggests that a secluded …show more content…

At first, Chris reads their behavior as obvious disdain, but it goes beyond that. When they arrive at Rose’s parent's house they are greeted by her parents Missy and Dean. Rose and Chris tell her parents they hit a deer along the way. Dean replies with one day a thousand more to go. This implies he is referring to African Americans. After that Chris is shown around the house by Dean. Dean tells Chris he is a neurosurgeon and Missy is a psychiatrist. He then explains the picture of Rose’s grandfather on the wall. Dean tells Chris his father was an Olympic runner, who one day lost a race to a young African American man named Jesse Owens and he almost got over it. Chris notices Rose’s family has two African Americans working for them. This is where Chris starts to become suspicious of the family because both of the servants act odd and are African

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