The Moonlight Movie Analysis

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Moonlight Response At first glance, moonlight may seem to be an ordinary story about the struggles of an African American boy, whose mom is a drug addict and who gets picked on at school, but it is so much more than that. The underline plot of the movie is much deeper than that, it is about the life on a boy who struggles with his sexuality and has a hard time figuring out who he is. It is also about his relationship with Juan, who quickly became his mentor and the father that he never had. It is also about his relationship with Kevin, who may be seen as Chiron’s only love. But most importantly it is about how one boy can be so different in the stages of his life, it is about Little, Chiron, and Black, who just happen to be the same person. The movie starts out with establishing who Juan is and what he does for a living and how he finds Little in an abandoned house, where he was hiding from some other boys. Juan took little home and let him spend the night. After that Little spent a lot of time with Juan and his girlfriend, Juan taught him how to swim and became a father figure to him. At the end of…show more content…
He starts to resemble Juan in various ways. He has the same job as him, he wears similar clothes, drives fancy old cars and even wears the same head piece as Juan once did. Black gets a very unexpected call from Kevin, which brings back old feelings, so he rushes to visit him. On the way to see Kevin, he stops by a rehab center where his drug-free mom works. She apologizes to him for the way he treated her, but I think that Black cannot forgive her after everything that she did. He finally gets to Kevin’s where he tells him that he was the only guy to ever touch him and really the only person he has ever been with. The movie ends on a touching note of they sitting similar to the way they did at the beach the night they kissed for the first
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