Analysis Of The Movie 'Friday'

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In the movie “Friday” it displays a typical day in the ghetto and what obstacles two young black men had to go through just to get through one day. Ice Cube a famous American rapper from LA’s popular 90’s hip hop group NWA wrote this historic black comedic/drama film and along plays the main character Craig Jones. Craig plays the neighborhood hero after a chaotic day where he deals with bullies, his love life, annoying neighbors, and scary drug dealers. The film is based in south central LA in the mid 90’s where Craig and his best friend Smokey who is played by comedian/actor Chris Tucker find themselves in trouble after thinking it would be a typical Friday in the ghetto. Craig a young black man in his early twenties lives at home with his parents is determined to leave the ghetto but there 's just some things holding him back. Smokey his best friend who is the same age and also black is a weed dealer that would rather smoke his own product rather than sell it and that leads to him and Craig in danger. This film represents neighborhood change, violence & transformation, and a local hero. I chose this film one it is one of my favorite movies, also because it is a gem to the black community, and lastly it relates to blacks who live in the ghetto and who have gone through the same struggle as Craig and Smokey but with a humorous and heroic twist. American culture can be expressed in different ways and for this movie is displays the culture of the ghetto. It seems that in

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