Sense And Sensibility Film Analysis

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The 1995 film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, directed by Ang Lee and originally written by Jane Austen, has timeless elements in its composition. Starring Emma Thompson, also the screenwriter, and Kate Winslet as Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, the movie tells of two heroines and their struggle between balancing idealism and reality. As young, female adolescents of the 1800s, they are responsible for finding husbands that can support them financially; and following their father’s death and loss of money, this becomes even more emphasized. But, they come to struggle when having to choose between what their hearts crave, and what their minds know is best. Elinor’s ideal partner is the initially dull Edward Ferrars, who is discovered to be secretly engaged …show more content…

The two sisters make up the title of Sense and Sensibility, characterizing Elinor and Marianne respectively, and learn lessons of life together as they live through this drama. The story takes place in rural England during the early 19th Century, and the movie’s setting stayed consistent with this time period. The Dashwoods are part of the wealthy, upper class and try their best to move up the social hierarchy through marriage. We can still see their nobility by the fact that they own a piano, which Marianne plays gracefully throughout the movie. The piano started to become more common in households during this time, and was often used families seem more luxurious as a sign of leisure time to spare. It also was a sign of a woman’s marriageability depending on how well they could play the instrument, which in Marianne’s case was excellently. On a broader scale, the movie was filmed in various locations in England including Devon, Norfolk, and London — all locations mentioned in the original novel. The nature surrounding the estates was shown through extreme long shots in between scenes. These angles showed the viewer how wide the property of these nobles spanned, further showcasing

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