Gone With The Wind Mise En Scene Analysis

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Gone with the Wind Analysis While watching the film Gone with the Wind most people would pay little to no attention to details like camera angle or lighting. However, Gone with the Wind is a great example of mise-en-scene ,what is physically being shot in the scene without editing and can include, but is not limited to camera movement, lighting, focus and scenery, in many different ways. Mise-en-scene actually appears during the first scene when Scarlett is sitting on the steps of Tara, her family’s plantation, along with her two of her male companions. Scarlett is sitting on the top stair while the twins are sitting on stairs below hers almost as if they were worshipping her. Scarlett is also looking down upon the twins as if she were superior to them. The costume choices must be recognized during the first scene. Scarlett is dressed very lady-like in an outfit that fits the time period of the pre civil war south perfectly. The white ruffled dress that Scarlett is wearing completely covers her shoulders, legs and even her collarbones. The dress is completed with a red belt which adds a little flare to an otherwise innocent looking dress. The men in the scene with Scarlett are wearing matching outfits from top to bottom. They are wearing blue thigh length jackets, tan pant, and black mid-calf boots. Their outfits are completed by a matching white vest and ties underneath. The language choice is should also be analyzed during the first scene. Scarlett is not your typical

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