The Maze Runner Analysis

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The maze runner is a young adult, science fiction and post-apocalyptic book that has the purpose of introducing the reader into a fantasy world where things can get a little out of control and surviving remains the main focus. The story starts mysteriously with the title character named Thomas, a teenage boy, who wakes up with no memory after arriving with a moving box into a Glade surrounded by a Maze. The book explores different psychological stages of the characters and help up understand how it is like to live with no memory and surrounded by people you do not know. The author, a young man also, has a particular interest in adventure and survival plots due to their excitement upon readers.

The author came with the idea of writing a novel involving a crowd of teenagers trapped into an unbreakable Maze filled with hideous creatures while he was dreaming. He wrote it with the aim of being a social experiment, a study of a man’s mind. While reading it we experience the mystery of the location this book is based on and how the characters react to different events. The book is addressed to a younger audience but that does mean other people can understand it. The premise seems realistic and it can trick the reader into thinking it is not a fantasy novel until the point the Grievers appear into the plot. It might not be a surprise why the book was a major success all around the world. People love a good action-mystery novel especially if it a trilogy as this with two more books
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