The Intouchables Movie Analysis

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Adversity in “The Intouchables” “My true disability is not having to be in a wheel chair. It’s having to be without her.” (The Intouchables). Lines like that are just a piece of the great undertaking directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano took when they decided to be part of The Intouchables. Adapted from real-life events, this French biography was applauded for succeeding in painting a touching and resonating picture of the events that led to the birth of a strong relationship between the two protagonists, Driss and Philippe. Winning multiple awards, this movie has achieved the status of being one of the greatest French movies ever made. Throughout this entire movie, the effects of adversity on an individual’s decisions, lifestyles, perception, and so on have been emphasized. For these reasons and more, this movie has managed to capture the hearts and minds of a wide demographic. More than just a simple made-for-money film biography, The Intouchables, presents and effectively portrays the real-world forms of and responses to adversity, specifically in terms of handicaps, loss of family, and depression. The Intouchables starts out on a strong point by showcasing the handicaps both Philippe and Driss have to face in daily life. In Philippe’s case, his was the physical handicap. Being a quadriplegic, Philippe would have probably committed suicide or, at least, gone into a deep depression if he had not had the money to finance his treatment, medicine, and personnel.

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