Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Jean Vanier

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“To some, it may sound strange for me to say that it is the weak, and those who have been excluded from society, who have been my teachers.” (Vanier 6). How can the people that are weak and overlooked by society, possibly motivate a person to make a difference in the world? Jean Vanier has one goal in mind: he wants to help the disabled, become enabled. He believes that all human beings are equal and should be looked upon by society in the same way as the ones that are often perceived as being ‘normal”. The message he wants to send out to the world is that all of those who are disabled are still humans, and that that should not live in this world in alienation, nor in isolation. God created all in unity, and as brothers and sisters so we can all look after one another, which in turns create peace on earth. …show more content…

This is what motivated Vanier to take action, and give the disabled power and freedom. Instead of those who are famous, and well-known, Vanier uses irony from his quote to show individuals that it does not always have to be the successful, and well-known to teach, and mentor a person. The weak are the people who motivate and teach Vanier to do what he does.Therefore, Vanier can truly put himself into others perspectives, and understand what they are going through. It is only when we communicate, observe, and reflect, can we live in humility, not in arrogance. Jean Vanier is a man that deeply cares about the growth and development of this world. He is looked upon by many people as a philosopher, theologian, humanitarian, and teacher. His goal is to find a way for the disabled to have a voice, and have a role in today’s society by creating an organization called “L’Arche” in 1964. Vanier’s quote inspires us to explore this world in a deeper way, and encourages individuals to always find more opportunities to make this world a better place, even by doing the small things in

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