The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Analysis

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Just think for a moment, how would you feel if you had to spend most of your lifetime at home? Some humans find it difficult to live or even talk to disabled people without even thinking of how they might feel. This could’ve been me if I only didn’t grew up with a disabled family member. My uncle who is named Pavel has mental health problems which are not curable, doctors don’t know how to help. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is about woman who died because of unknowledgeable doctors. And there is a question that pops up right away, do doctors ever get knowledge in what they are doing today? Do they really want to help? I grew up in a loud house with lots of family members. I lived with my mom, grandparents and uncle. Of course, the house was loud because of me, but this story isn’t about me. Coming back to the life story of my mentally unhealthy uncle, Pavel. My uncle got scared of some loud voice back when he was young. It all came out as a panic attack whenever he walks. As a …show more content…

Pavel was a normal young boy who liked to play soccer with his friends as well as going to school. Everything went pretty well until he came home with a white like a snow face. Pavel didn’t want to tell anything, he simply ate and went sleep. On the other day he began having some issues with talking and eating. As the days went by, Pavel’s parent realized that something could’ve happened. Pavel didn’t want to say anything until one day he suddenly fell because of simply seeing a cat. He was horrified and seemed like having a trouble to even stand up. His parent didn’t know what to do, they went to hospitals, churches and even soothsayers but none of them could help. As I asked more details, my grandma didn’t wanted to tell anything more. I believe she told me only half of the story and I feel like something might’ve happened more than that. My grandma is hiding a

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