T. C. Williams 'Racial Tensions In The Film'

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The film takes place in Alexandria, Virginia. Where racial tensions are high and one high school is forced to integrate through all the madness. T.C Williams is the new school with the football team being the main focus. The football team has not only players but also coaches as well who are black and white and must come together. Their willingness to come together will not only help them succeed on the field but also in the community. And hate will not win in life or football. It is the early 1970’s tension in the community is on the rise between the black and white. Word is they will be desegregating one of the high schools to bring down the tension. T.C Williams is born but tension rises even more with white parents and black parent not wanting their children to be mixed together. Now to the football team which in past years has had a good team that was all white. With the school being the way it is and the other schools being …show more content…

Fights continue so coach Boone makes are choice to take the boys to the field that the Battle of Gettysburg had happened. Coach Boone speaks to the boys “Fifty thousand men died right here on this field, fighting the same fight we are still fighting among ourselves today’’. There is more to the speech but this part really speaks volume and shows the struggle at the time. Two of the alpha’s on the team come together. Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier had their moments of hate but slowly become friends and brings the rest of team together. As those two get closer the bond of the team gets closer. The team still has problems on the outside. From cheating referees to other students causing problems at school which can end the season. The team does great beating everyone and getting to the state championship and bringing the community together. Tragic strikes Gerry Bertier is injured in a horrible car accented. This accented bring the team, coaches, and community

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