Racial Prejudice In Remember The Titans

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In the film Remember the Titans, racial prejudice and stereotypes are evident throughout. At the start of the movie we are taken back to 1971 where we are introduced to the town of Alexandria in Virginia and the new high school that resides in it, as two schools recently combined to form one desegregated student body called T.C. Williams High School. Football is an immense part of this town and for the people residing there. Shortly into the film, head football Coach Bill Yoast, nominee for the Virginia High School Hall of Fame, is demoted to assistant football coach and the school board hires an African American man by the name of Herman Boone to take his place. This starts an uproar in the Alexandria community as desegregation hadn't been …show more content…

However, by the end of the film, we see characters gradually changing their behavior as they gain knowledge of others different than them. Two situations that describe this is the interactions between Coach Yoast and Coach Boone, as well as Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier. To further explain, at the start of the film Coach Yoast is extremely undermining of Boones authority when he first starts as the new head football coach. Both are exceptionally talented in their field, however Yoast feels his white players are superior to the black players, whereas Boone is devoted to putting aside the injustices regarding the different races, to lead the team to victory and teach valuable lessons to his players. The two butt heads due to racial prejudice when it comes to coaching styles and how to coach the team to victory. However after camp and as the film progresses, you see Yoast beginning to warm up to Boone and begin to realize he knows what he is doing and is capable of doing it. The two coaches eventually but aside their differences and begin working well together as coaches. Some people though in the town, still are not in favor of Boone. For example the chairman of the school board, who informs Yoast just before the semi-finals for state, that he will do whatever it takes for T.C. Williams to take a loss, allowing Yoast to be inducted into the Hall

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