Maya Andersson Character Essay

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Maya Andersson is the daughter of Kira and Peter Andersson. She is fifteen years old and best friends with Ana. She plays the Guitar and hates the sport of ice hockey. Maya is in love with Kevin didn’t ever expect him to do anything wrong. Maya is a dynamic character and matures greatly from the start to finish. She becomes an adult during the story and learns that there is more to the world than just herself and Ana. Maya knows she has to be strong for her family as well as herself dealing with the tragedy. Kevin Erdahl is the son of a wealthy businessman and successful mother. He is also the star of the ice hockey team in Beartown. He plays on the junior team and many of the coaches, including David, wanted him to be moved up to the A team and play with the older boys. Peter always stopped them and wouldn’t let it happen saying that he…show more content…
Bobo is a dynamic character, he recognizes that he bullied Amat only because he was older and felt Amat was lower than him because he was poor even though Bobo is lower middle class as well. Bobo goes onto to befriend Amat and protect his friends from the others. Bobo sees how terrible some of the people are the team are and that they hurt people because they don’t see them as equals. William Lyt is a leader on the hockey team who takes over when Kevin is arrested. His parents moved in next to Kevin’s family so that their kids would be best friends and Williams mother is a big part of the fight against Maya and claims she was lying. Romona is the owner the bar in town where “the pack” members hangout. She is hugely respected by the people of the town for. She is a sponsor of the Ice hockey club and helps the characters throughout the story. Kira Andersson is the wife of Peter Andersson. She is a lawyer and grew up in a big city. She hates the culture of Beartown and feels that you never learn to live in Beartown you only survive
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