Cathy Ames Character Analysis

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Cathy Ames has been criticized because she is completely evil. It has expressed throughout the novel that Cathy is inhuman. She has no emotion, no feelings, and no good in her. Many state that she is a symbol for Satan or a witch, who is pawn of Satan. People go so far in declaring that she is one of these evil spirits because even from birth she was filled with extreme evil and darkness, lacking characteristic that make up a human. Cathy aims to control and manipulate people and she does so by her looks. She possesses golden hair and a charming face, however, just like Satan who once was an angel, has fallen and is filled with sinful desires. In addition, Cathy tempts people through sex, most men’s weakness. Working at a brothel and committing …show more content…

The other women in the novel: Liza and Olive Hamilton, Abra Bacon, and even Steinbeck's mother are described to be caring, affectionate, and loving, all the characteristic of a mother, which contrast to Cathy. Although Charles can appear dark natured, there are moment where he expresses human emotions like love and guilt, Cathy expenses none of this because she is inhuman. In addition, to her son, Cal can become dark, however, he has illustrate he can conquer over sin and live a high-minded life. “What made Kate so effective was the fact that she had either learned it or had been born with the knowledge” (241). Therefore, Cathy places an important role in the plot of evil is human nature. Cathy has a significant role in the novel. Steinbeck uses her for contrasting the other characters. By revealing that Catchy is truly evil, conveys how innocent the other characters are, even if they do commit dark actions. In addition, by comparing and indicating Cathy to a devil and a witch shows that she is inhuman. Cathy has no emotion, feelings, or remorse for the people that she has destroyed. Looking past her golden hair and angel like features, it is plain as day that she has a heart as black as

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