The Dinner Party Analysis

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“Don’t let our modern society shape who you are and don’t allow stereotypes to define you. Live outside of labels we so often stick upon ourselves and allow your individuality to change the world around you.” (unknown). This quote by an unknown person shows how you shouldn’t allow the modern stereotypes of gender define or affect you because men and women can have just as much self control as the other. In the short story “The Dinner Party” by Mona Gardner, a colonel official and his wife are throwing a large dinner party with multiple people of high social standings from army officers to government attaches. The Dinner Party takes place in the 1940s, in India inside the house of the colonel official and his wife. The theme is shown throughout …show more content…

Mrs.Wynnes represents the women who at first seems to be quiet, elegant and dainty but in actuality they are not only that, but also brave, composed and strong who can handle dire situations with almost perfect self control. Mona Gardner uses Mrs.Wynnes to support the theme that gender doesn’t determine your self control. Mrs.Wynnes support to the theme allows the resolution to be completed. Through this, it allows Mrs.Wynnes to reveal her part of the story to the problem of the snake. In doing this, it shows that Mrs.Wynnes is a true hero in reality with the snake showing perfect control by allowing the snake to crawl on her leg. This supports the theme that gender does not determine self control when a woman, Mrs.Wynnes shows perfect control in a dire situation. Mrs.Wynnes replies to the American’s question with a faint smile “Because it was crawling across my foot.” “(Gardner 2).” Mrs.Wynnes replying to the question that the American asked her shows a point in which a woman had self control in a crisis, allowing the theme to be proven that women can have just as much self control as a man this also means that self control is not determined by gender as stated in the theme. In this story “The Dinner Party” the guests instantly believe that the American naturalist was the hero instead of Mrs.Wynnes because of Mrs.Wynnes’ quiet, composed and elegant persona as well as being the wife of a colonel instead of having an actual role in the military until she finally reveals that she is the true hero who remained calm as the snake crawled over her foot throughout most of the dinner

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