Winter Dreams Character Analysis Essay

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Winter Dreams By F. Scott Fitzgerald is a short-story telling of a 14 year-old caddy named Dexter Green. In this narrative Dexter meet Judy Jones while working at his golf course. As the story continues on, Dexter becomes severely infatuated by Judy. The desire to be hers overcomes him so greatly, he works his way to wealth to be in the same social class as her, hoping to catch her attention and marry her someday. However Judy may be beautifully the outside as she ages, but her insides say differently. Throughout the entire story, Judy only cares for money, is cruel to Dexter, and proves to be selfish. These three characteristics can be proven through her words and actions in Winter Dreams. Judy Jones was born into wealth through her family. …show more content…

This ghastly quality trait is shown in the very beginning of Winter Dreams at the golf course. When putting the golf ball, Judy actually hits a man with the ball. Although she did apologize, she was upset that “something” got in her way. Judy even says, “I’d have gone on the green except that I hit something”(944). As the story continues, Judy’s selfishness ties with how she treated Dexter. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a month after Dexter and her engagement she leaves him once again. With this decision Judy never thought about how it would affect Dexter in the long run. Her actions proves that he desire for wealth drives her to only take part in these selfish acts. Winter Dreams concludes when Dexter finally hears of Judy after the end of their engagement. He learns that Judy is married with children, but not happily. Her husband runs around all day as Judy stays at home with the children. Many readers find irony in the ending because no one would expect a girl like Judy to stay at home all day. Judy was the girl that always went out with the fanciest people and materials. Many would also agree that because Judy only cared for money, was cruel to Dexter, and her selfishness, lead her to this despairing

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