Literary Analysis Of Winter Dreams

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“Winter Dreams” was published in 1926. Francis Scott Fitzgerald is most well-known for his novel “The Great Gatsby”. A common theme he is known for is the American dream and how it is corrupt. Fitzgerald enjoys writing about the poor boy chasing after the rich girl. This story is about a man named Dexter Green trying to achieve the American dream by obtaining the girl he adores. By the end of the story he cannot have the girl, and his dreams are ruined. The author illustrates Dexter Green as a wishful boy longing for what the future holds. Fitzgerald incorporates many symbols as one being solely Judy Jones. The author uses style in the story by separating the story into 6 sections. Fitzgerald in “Winter Dreams” depicts the fantasy of the American dream and how no matter how hard one works he may never achieve his dream. This short story is about a young and rich man who chases a girl he adores. The beginning starts out with Dexter Green, a caddy for golfers. After he encounters an incident with Judy Jones, he quits his job in search for more. At 23 he makes good money with laundry businesses. Many years after first seeing Judy Jones, he sees her again. She was also playing golf. This is the point where he realizes how much he likes her. He finds her again and she asks him to drive her boat for her. After that, she invites him over for dinner. This is when she reveals that she loves another poor man. Dexter tells her about how much money he has and she falls for him. After

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