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Many people are aware of the theory that money cannot buy happiness, but how many people really believe this? In the short story, “Winter Dreams”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dexter Green and Judy Jones are utilized to address this concept. In “Winter Dreams”, the author acknowledges the unrealistic idealization of the American dream and through Dexter’s constant pining for Judy, underlines the perception that greed and obsession over material goods will inevitably lead to personal destruction; however, Fitzgerald most effectively presents the idea that money and success are not the epitome of personal happiness.
In “Winter Dreams”, Fitzgerald utilizes Judy Jones to symbolize many peoples goal of succeeding through the American dream and to juxtapose …show more content…

Throughout the short story, the author reveals Judy Jones as a symbol for the unrealistic idealization of the American Dream through her unfair treatment of Dexter Green. The connotation behind the American Dream is one that Dexter has been yearning for his whole life, however he is largely disappointed as to what it brings him. Judy represents everything that Dexter believes is good in life, including wealth, and status. This goodness is what he hopes to reach through the American Dream. At first, Dexter receives what he thinks will bring him eternal happiness, “She [Judy Jones] treated him with interest…. She had brought him ecstatic happiness…” (Fitzgerald 6). However, this feeling of happiness is juxtaposed when he realizes that the American Dream, symbolized by Judy Jones, “treated him with…indifference, with contempt. She inflicted on him the innumerable little slights and indignities possible in such a case…. She had brought him… intolerable agony of spirit” (Fitzgerald 6). This sudden change in treatment allowed Dexter to eventually realize his mistakes in placing his idolatry of money above all else, and the more …show more content…

However, in “Winter Dreams”, F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes diction, juxtaposition, defeated language, and symbolism to inform his readers that though many yearn for the benefits that the American dreams supposedly brings, the idealization of it is unrealistic. He also works to inform the readers that greed and obsession of material things will only lead to personal destruction, and most importantly, he best emphasizes the fact that wealth and success are not the epitome of personal

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