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Three people from different races all have different aspects of the American Dream. The young boy named David Ignatow from Europe is living the life while his father is drowning in the poor working life for just a simple piece of food so his family can have the best life. Ms. Wheatley is from West Africa, where she was kidnapped and became a slave, but quickly realized that she loved the lord and can actually write fluently. However, there is also Mr. Bruchac who wrote about traveling to Ellis Island and trying to get aboard the boat to get closer to the green lady, but had to work the rest of his life and can’t really live the American life he wanted. Every single one of these poets have lived 3 different ways in America; living off of someone else money, becoming better in life and realizing what you actually want to do in life, and having to work every day in your life like most of the citizens today. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live off of somebody’s money while they do all the work and you just laying around? Sounds …show more content…

Phillis Wheatley, her story speaks so many words and understanding in her life. she got kidnapped from her irreligious town in Africa and became a servant for the John Wheatley wife.As she proudly thought her life was ruined. But little did she know that she would find her love for God by reading the bible, learn to speak fluently, and also end up being a publisher. As she said, “ Taught my benighted soul to understand”, she came to fulfill the fact that even though she didn’t let her past affect the way she was going to live. She took the whole situation into her own hands and became a better person for her, and look where it has gotten her now she was the first “African American slave and also the 3rd women in the United States to publish a book”. A lot of people tired to move here earlier in the years, some people found their dream and others got stuck working jobs for the rest of their life they really didn’t

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