Storm Clouds Rolling In By Ginny Dye Summary

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Storm Clouds Rolling In by Ginny Dye
In this report I will talking about Carrie Cromwell's beliefs, the love life on the Cromwell plantation, and the war and secession that has set into the southern states. The time during this was 1860-1861. Also during this time slaves were running away on the Underground Railroad.
Carrie Cromwell was a content plantation daughter until her world turned around. She didn't know what she wanted in life anymore. She fought long and hard thinking about if she thought slavery was right or wrong. She visited Philadelphia with a friend to stay for a month. As you know Philadelphia is in the north. She met someone there she could talk to about it. This woman's name was Abby, she was an abolitionist. One day while …show more content…

With Carrie falling head over heals for Robert Borden, Rose ( aka her best friend and a slave) and another slave Moses, and Roses mama and papa. Carrie's story begin with a tournament, where Robert was riding Granite. She gave him a lock of hair as a token. It was love at first sight, but there was one thing holding them apart, slavery. He believed with all his heart that slavery was right, and she did not. She found out that a few of his slaves went missing and he decided he was going to teach the other slaves a lesson. He beat three of his slaves, one a child, who did not make it. Carrie was furious and they left off on a faulty foot. Rose and Moses will love each other till the end. Moses had just been bought and he was tall, broad shouldered, and strong, Rose automatically loved him as he did her. When they decided to get married they told Carrie and she bought a beautiful gown for her. Rose's father had been auctioned off when she was a baby and Carrie bought him back for Rose and her mama. Now on to Rose's Mama and Papa. As you know Rose's Papa John was auctioned off when she was little. Carrie bought John back and Rose's Mama Sarah And he lived happily, but he died three weeks later. Sarah and John enjoyed all the time they had

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