How Did Ida B Wells Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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Everyone has a why and it takes a leader to fulfill theirs why. Every leader has their trial and tribulation. But it takes a person who sees that there is a problem within the community and wants to make it better. There were many players who were involved in the civil rights movement. There were many key players who wanted to see change such ass W.E.B Du bois, Ida B Wells, Booker T. Washington and many. The person I will be mainly talking about is Ida B Wells. Ida B Wells was a phenomenal woman who had a why. Who wouldn’t back down from anything no matter what backlash she would get from it? She was part of a few who begin the Civils Right movement. She displays resilient and also perseverance. So throughout this essay, I'll go into depth of who she was, what her why was and how she executed it. Ida B Wells was born in Holly Spring, Mississippi. She was born a slave in the year of 1862. Because of the emancipation proclamation, Ida B wells and her family were freed from slavery. She had to drop out of school at the age of 16 due to her parents dying from the yellow fever epidemic. After having to drop out …show more content…

She spread the words by writing a newspaper article talking about the evils of lynching. She then went on to do an anti-lynching campaign telling African Americans about lynching and encouraging them to defend themselves. Of course, she had some backlash from speaking up against white people. In fact, they destroyed her newspaper and told her not to return to Memphis. She like other leaders didn’t let that stop her from completing the task at hand. Wells went around the world spreading the awareness of lynching. “ … that she didn’t know what to do with”good white people,” and she took her cause to England in 1893, lecturing on anti-lynching.”(Hillary Crosley Coker,

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