Nickel And Dimed American Dream Analysis

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A lingering question to many of the less fortunate in America pertains to the existence of the so-called “American dream.” Does this American dream exist and is it attainable? The American dream inspires many immigrants move to America, hoping to better their lives and those of their families. However, in the novel, Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich’s attempt achieve the American dream deems it not possibly attainable. Likewise, today, in the twenty-first century, the American dream is still not attainable. Ordinarily, no one would go through such physical and mental challenges to achieve a just barely attainable dream, but many of disadvantaged families still do, even today during the twenty-first century.
Her experiment began in Key West, living inside a trailer, during the spring of 1998, when she submitted many applications, but got no reply from any. With a poor head start …show more content…

(Blodget) Many families still work to sustain together, some with their children at part-time jobs to help move the family forward. Conditions for work may be better than Barbara’s experience; however, the American dream still is not attained by many families. Families in need are offered and provided WIC and food stamps for aid, but these limited aids do not always fully assist unemployed poorer families. Like back during Barbara’s investigation, the “working poor” are still frowned upon by many of the more fortunate and poverty still fights through, making itself known throughout the nation. The American dream has been an idea that has circles the minds of many since the establishment of the colonies. Like within its name, the American dream still remains a dream in the minds of many families who work hard, hoping for the better. The American dream will allow for them to better themselves, but not to a point of ultimate

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