Poor Kids Documentary Summary

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I viewed Frontline a documentary series, which episode was entitled Poor Kids. The frontline personnel spent time with three children Kailey, Johnny, and Britany along with their families as they all struggle financially. We perceive a glimpse of what it is like to live below the poverty line in America through a child’s eyes. While observing the documentary, I became consciously aware that children who are considered poor or living below the poverty line were more mindful of the responsibilities of life. The children were worrisome of the lack of employment for their parents, bills, and in Britney’s case; how they would accommodate their way of living to support a new addition to the family. They feared to lose their homes and dreaded departing with…show more content…
However, the unemployment rate had not changed much within those years. With a significant amount of individual unemployed the nation suffers. As the number of unemployed continues to climb or the longer they are without work the more money the government has to pay them in benefits. The effects of being unemployed also affect other businesses; due to unemployed individuals are not being able to spend money as they would if they were working businesses suffer, over long periods of time that particular business may lay off staff; increasing the number of people unemployed or potentially lose the business. Furthermore, the lack of being employed affects a family, Britney’s mother was affected tremendously and caused her hospitalization because she couldn’t deal with the stress of her family lacking an income. While homeless shelters have long waiting list and middle-income families are losing their homes with just a few days’ notice. Britney and Johnny’s families both were doing well until the recession hit and companies began to lay people
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