Child Of Rage Documentary Analysis

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The short documentary “Child of Rage” presents an example of how experiencing abuse as a child can shape the child later in life and how some children can recover. The intrafamilial abuse that Beth experienced as a one year old affected her behavior later in her childhood when she was adopted. Beth was also able to recover from some of the effects of the child abuse she experienced once she was separated from her adoptive family and taken to a special home. Beth experienced intrafamilial abuse at the hands of her biological father after her mother passed away when she was one. Beth experienced neglect and sexual abuse at a very young age. The documentary stated that Beth and her younger brother did not have enough food to eat, some days Beth would go all day only eating a box of Kix cereal. When John was found, he was found in a bassinet with patches of urine all over it, wearing a dirty diaper, and surrounded by bottles …show more content…

Two of the resources that I found in the Los Angeles area that help children who experience abuse are the Audrey Hepburn CARES Center and For the Child which is based in Long Beach. The CARES Center helps children who experienced abuse through a community based program called Project Heal. Project Heal helps address the mental health needs of child abuse victims through individual and family therapy, psychological testing, psychiatric services, and community referrals. The CARES Center also has a team of medical experts that do medical evaluations for suspected child abuse victims and the team also conducts training and research within Children's Hospital Los Angeles. For The Child helps children cope with the social and psychological effects of abuse. For the Child provides; assessment, specialized therapy, and advocacy support within the court system. Children and teens with complex trauma receive treatment that is longer and more

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