A Case Of Dennis Jurgens

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Contemporary outlooks on child abuse can be traced to the early 1960s, when developments in radiological equipment made it easier for physicians to detect any sorts of maltreatment. But oftentimes parents who mistreat their kids do not go to physicians, rather they just cover up signs of abuse in the comfort of their home. That was the case of Dennis Jurgens, a three year old boy who was abused and murdered by his adopted parents in White Bear Lake Minnesota in 1965. Since the discovery of this case, the course of adoption process, child safety and security, and people’s attitude towards child abuse has changed to some degree. Interfering in other people’s family affair was seen as rude and inappropriate. The safety and security of a Child …show more content…

It did not make sense to her how he died so she researched more into her child’s death. “With little Denny's records was a newspaper clip that said the child had been found dead in his home and that the body bore multiple injuries and bruises. ‘I thought, Oh my God, he was beaten to death’ Jerry recalls.” (Chu). She discovered that Dennis had multiple bruises and injuries, and the corner never ruled out murder/homicide. She tried to contact Ramsey County child welfare officials, but she was turned away because she gave up her parental rights. After researching through many articles, police reports, coroners ruling, and medical reports, she went directly to the police and filed a case of child abuse and murder. Soon after the case was reopened, and an investigation was underway. After hearing about the investigation, Lois called her first adoptive son Robert for a consult, since he was a police officer. He realized that if Dennis was killed, it had to be Lois. Many evidence and witnesses that have not came forward directly right after his death, came forward and shared the terrible things they have witnessed done to baby Dennis. After 22 years, Lois was sentenced to 25 years of prison for the murder of Dennis Jurgens with parole. She was released eight years later (Chu, People

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