2.1 Explain Child Protection Within The Wider Field Of Safeguarding

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When working with children and young people, it is important that their safety and well-being is paramount. There are a number of guidelines, policies and procedures which cover the safeguarding of pupils, including; Working together to safeguard children (2013)- This policy sets out guidelines of how organisations and individuals should work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in accordance with the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004. As well as laying out these guidelines, the document also provides a summary of:  The nature of child abuse and neglect and the impact it may have on children and young people.  How to operate the best practice in child protection procedure.  The roles and responsibilities of different agencies and practitioners working to with children and young people.  The role of Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB’s)  The process to …show more content…

Explain child protection within the wider field of safeguarding children & young people. Safeguarding is the term given to the work carried out to ensure children and young people are kept safe and healthy whilst in the learning environment, referring to the way in which a wide range of policies and procedures are adhered to within the work place. Child protection is part of the wider work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. It refers to the work carried out to protect children and young people who may be suffering from any form of abuse or neglect and involves working to protect them from maltreatment and the impairment of their health and development. This is done by ensuring children and young people are raised in a positive environment where they are kept safe and cared for. If parents or carers fail to provide protection or a caring environment for their children, they could be taken to court and result in the child being removed from the family home and placed into care. Wider forms of safeguarding can

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