Olivia Jackson Dichotomy

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Killer mother, who stomped her baby girl to death has her face slashed in prison in ‘revenge attack’ by two inmates.
Recants videotaped statement
Juvelky Jimenez Staff Writer

A drug addict mother stomped her 3 year old baby girl to death, Olivia (age 26) had her face slashed in prison by two inmates in a ‘revenge attack’ of what she did to her daughter. Everything had happened in Portland, Oregon.

Olivia Jackson was accused of murder last week, her partner John Jackson was found guilty for letting the murder happen. He was simply sentenced for 4 years in prison. As for Olivia Jackson, she was sentenced to life.

Iva Shelton was being smashed by her mother she helplessly cried out “MOMMY, DADDY PLEASE STOP, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!” The mother

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