Candice Moncayo Case Study

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On February 25, 2010 Chelsea King, a 17 year old cross country runner from Poway high school, went for a run around Lake Hodges in Escondido. She took longer than expected worrying her parents. At 6 pm that evening her parents filed a missing person's report. The community came together to search for her hoping she was still alive. The police used dogs, drones, and helicopters with infrared sensors.They found her car parked with all her belongings still in it. A few days later her body was found on the shore of Lake Hodges. December 27th, 2009 a 23 year old woman named Candice Moncayo went for a run on the very same trail King had. By her surprise, an overweight white man grabbed and attacked her. Her sister wrote in the Rancho Bernardo High School newspaper, “[Moncayo] was tackled and thrown to the side of the running trail, caught off guard and without …show more content…

He was accused of trying to strangle her and “repeatedly punching her in the face and touching her private parts.”(2) A court ordered psychiatrist wanted Gardner to get the maximum prison sentence but got off with 6 years; he only served 5 of his 6 years and was let out on parole in 2008 against the prison's psychiatrists wishes. The psychiatrist stated that “[he] would be a continuous danger to underage girls in the community.”(1) In March 2010, the remains of a young girl’s body was found. These skeletal remains were a match to Amber DuBois, probably determined by isotopic analysis and mass spectrometry. DuBois had been missing for over a year; the last time she was seen she was walking alone to school in 2009. King's underwear was found a few days later after her body was found. The forensics scientists performed a RSID semen test to detect if any semen was present. After finding that there was in fact semen present, the forensic specialists ran the DNA through a national database and came up with a match. It was John

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