Assignment Experiment: Roy Brown Through The Innocence Project

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Roy Brown Through the Innocence Project The Innocence Project frees people from jail that were wrongly convicted of a crime. That is what happened to Roy Brown. Through the help of the Innocence Project, he was released from jail. Brown was convicted of a horrific crime that included murder, even though the evidence that was provided was analyzed and presented wrongly. This lead to his wrong convection. The crime took place at her farmstead near a river. Sabina was brutally beaten , raped, and viciously murdered. “The naked body of Sabina Kulakowski was found across the road from her home in the town of Aurelius in the early hours of May 23, 1991, when firemen responded to an arson blaze at the farmhouse."(“Jailed for murder”). She was a social worker who was 49 years old when she lost her life. The first person to discover the body was Mr. Bench who was a firefighter. The connection to her was that Mr. Bench had a brother that dated her, but they had broken up two months prior to crime. Bench eventually became a suspect. Roy Brown also was a suspect because he had made threatening calls to her before the crime. He was put in jail for 1-3 years. The crime that took place was at night by one person near her farm sted. …show more content…

To start off with is the DNA samples, on the nightshirt which was saliva. They couldn’t analyze the DNA at that time because the technology didn’t exist. To expand on it there was DNA on the nightshirt but they couldn’t analyze with the technology back then. Next piece of evidence are the bite marks. Furthermore the bite marks on Sabina were analyzed by two different analyst. First one said, that it matched Roy Browns bite marks. Second one said it couldn’t be him because he was missing two upper teeth and it had a full set of teeth on Sabina. This suggests that it could be him but also couldn’t be him with the bite marks. In conclusion the evidence that was provided were DNA samples and the bite

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