Scott Peterson Thesis Statement

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Choosing to become A Husband, A Father, and A Killer

1. What is your thesis statement? Scott Peterson has been convicted of the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son whom was to be named Conner. Laci was 8 months pregnant with her first child. It has been reported that she was thrilled to be having a baby boy. She loved being a wife and was excited and extremely joyful to become a mom. Together, with her husband Scott, Laci could not wait to start this new journey of parenthood. Little did she know that her husband Scott had other plans.
2. Briefly describe the convicted criminal you have chosen to research. Scott Peterson is a man that became a husband, a soon to be father, and a murderer. He grew up in a San Diego suburb and was viewed as a good student, a good friend, and someone who loved playing golf. He …show more content…

They later married and started a successful fast food business together but eventually sold the business and moved closer to Laci’s family. They both became employed and seemed to be an average respected couple. They both seemed happy and content, however that would soon change.
3. What crimes did he commit? Scott Peterson is a convicted murderer. He viciously took the life of his wife that was 8 months pregnant at the time of her death. It has been speculated that Scott murdered his wife on Christmas eve at the home they shared. It is believed that Scott Peterson suffocated his wife Laci, then took her to his boat. He then tied concrete weights to her arms and legs and threw her overboard into the San Francisco bay. Scott was convicted of first-degree murder for the death of his wife. He was also convicted of second degree murder for the death of his unborn son Conner. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection. He is currently on death row and has filed an appeal (
4. Describe the

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