Furman V. Georgia Case Study

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The case Furman v Georgia made it all the to the supreme court because it would affect the way the whole country delivered punishment. Although it surprised many people that it made it that far because most people were for capital punishment. Michael Meltsner said,”Georgia was a shock. Before LDF's anti-capital punishment campaign, there had been no successful court challenge of the death penalty — even when it had been handed down in a blatantly racist or totally arbitrary manner” (www.michealmeltsner.com/interview.html).
. Henry Furman murdered someone while robbing their home and was sentenced to death. He appealed his punishment and this court case went all the way to the supreme court. He won the case in the supreme court now there are regulations for death sentences. Although he won his case, I strongly agree with Georgia and that punishment for murder should be a death sentence. There are many reasons I believe so.
In 1971, William Henry Furman was charged with murder in the person’s household. This crime was committed in Georgia. The resident had awoken in the middle of the night to find Furman in action of committing robbery. Furman claimed he was fleeing the scene and accidently discharge his weapon, which killed the victim. He first told the police that he fired the gun blindly while …show more content…

Georgia, Furman and his attorneys helped the supreme court decision that overturned his death sentence. Furman killed someone while robbing someone’s home and was sentenced to death. He did not feel that that was right and him and his attorneys argued that the fourteenth amendment protected him from his punishment. There are not as many death penalties in today’s world in America because of this case. I would not have voted for Furman on this case though, I strongly agree with Georgia. This case has had a huge impact on society today. This supreme court case has changed the way punishment given all around

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