Texas Vs Johnson Pros And Cons

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The Supreme Court has looked over many cases, all making drastic life changes and some making no difference in the world. The case Texas vs. Johnson uproared so many political arguments, amendment arguments, and even country disputes. This case was and is still important because it brought up the basis of the government's beliefs against an individual beliefs. The Supreme Court did rule in favor of Johnson, but it disgusted them, and they did not believe it was okay. The main reason why the government and many military personales found it offensive ws because it found a different way to speech out against the nation. Texas v. Johnson was about a man named Gregory Lee Johnson who burned an American flag for his protest against the Reagan administration …show more content…

The American flag has such a powerful meaning behind just being a flag. It represents how this democracy country started, and to all of what it has expanded to. Soldiers are trained to always protect this flag because behind the flag is every American citizen they are trained to protect. Texas argued that “the flag is a symbol of nationhood and national unity justice”.(cite) The flag caused such a heavy case because some people don’t considers the flag to be special. People can burn state flags, the presidential seals and even the constitution if they were able to get ahold of it. The racial group, KKK, is allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, causing outrage and defiant behavior, but they are not stopped because they are expressing free speech. The same thing Johnson was doing when he was burning the flag because to him to was expressing his speech in a symbolic way. Although Johnson was imprisoned for one year after burning the flag, flags are constantly being burnt by the armed forces. When a flag has become old and worn out they have a ceremony which eventually leads to the burning of the flag. A flag is still getting burned, but the problem is that one offends to many people. What would be free speech if no one disagrees with it? Texas second argument did not work because Johnson’s protest ran with the fact that not every has the same beliefs, making it hard to argue that the flag is

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