Plessy Vs Ferguson Research Paper

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The year of 1965 the black community let out a collective victory cry. They had finally gotten the rights they fought hard for. They could at last vote, go to school and college, and got the working condition they deserve. They couldn 't have done it without Martin Luther King Jr., but there were a slew of cases that were tried and further assisted in opening the black community 's opportunity pool. They were well known cases, like the Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Education, and the Regents of the University vs. Bakke, all very influential cases in the fight for rights. Plessy vs. Ferguson, one of the bigger cases in the turning point for rights, gave the black community a big boost forward. There was a man named Homer Adoph Plessy that had a problem with the way things were going at the time and he wanted equal rights. But there was another man named John Ferguson who thought that everything was just skippy. They went to court to settle their quarrel. The verdict was as …show more content…

Before this case, people of the black community couldn 't go to college and they would settle for inferior. They weren 't even allowed to be interviewed for college as they were viewed as inferior as the titles they carried. Allan Bakke wanted to go medical school, but that was pretty difficult considering they didn 't even begin to consider letting him in. He filed a suit after his shocking revelation and the Supreme Court ordered the college to let him in, after which the college appealed to the court. The court accepted and the verdict came to this:" In Regents of University of California v. Bakke (1978), the Supreme Court ruled that a university 's use of racial "quotas" in its admissions process was unconstitutional, but a school 's use of "affirmative action" to accept more minority applicants was constitutional in some circumstances." The college was asked to at least consider blacks in the admittance of college and they were asked to not use quotas in the admission

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