Causes Of The Zodiac Killer

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The late sixties and early seventies were mostly known as a time of overseas war and stateside flower power. Although for the Northern California communities, it was a time of fear and desperation. During this time a man, a psychopath really, was terrorizing the people with his deranged antics. This man was, and still is, one of the most well known and dangerous serial killers that the United States has ever produced. This man is the one and only infamous Zodiac Killer. Between the years of 1968 and 1969, the Zodiac Killer murdered at least five people, though he was suspected of more. He had killed a confirmed five people, injured two, and possibly killed twenty to twenty-eight more people, even though he confessed to thirty-seven murders …show more content…

The very first murder he was linked to would have been the first one he would of committed. This murder took place in Santa Barbara on June 4th, 1963. The young victims were couple Robert Domingos and his betrothed Linda Edwards. The couple had decided to participate in their senior ditch day, so they went sunbathing at a beach near Gaviota State Park. When they didn’t return by the next morning, Robert’s father went looking for them. What he found was this: the young couple were found in a crumpled shack, bound and tied. It was obvious that they had tried to escape their demise. Robert was shot in the chest eleven times and Linda was shot nine times in the chest. The murder tried to burn the bodies but couldn’t get the fuel to ignite. The only connection between these murders and the Zodiac Killer was the weapon used. This weapon was a .22 caliber gun with Winchester Western Super X ammunition, which was one of the Zodiac Killers ammunitions of …show more content…

His first signature is a symbol that he would leave with his victims. This symbol was a circle with a cross through it, usually created with black paint. The Zodiac Killer also wrote a total of twenty-one letters that were sent to both the police and local newspapers. These letters were coded in a way that only the Zodiac Killer was able to read. It took law enforcement, professional code breakers, and criminologists five decades to crack this code. One letter read “I like killing because it’s so much fun.” He usually signed the letters with his symbol or a capital

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