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A teenager mother from Mississippi, Sabrina Butler was first known as the only female offender on Mississippi’s death row who was convicted for child abuse and the murder of her infant son. On the eve of April 11th, 1989, Sabrina Butler arrived at the hospital after midnight with a nine-month-old Walter Dean Butler, who was unresponsive at the scene.
She claimed that she have found the baby when he unexpectedly stopped breathing, and after multiple failed attempts to resuscitate her son, she rushed to the emergency room and seek helps from medical professionals who are more knowledgeable on the matter. Sadly, her child was pounced died by the doctors following their visit to the hospital. The next day, while Sabrina was asked to give her statements at the local police station, the prosecutors arrested Sabrina under the charges of capital murder. …show more content…

These bruise marks that were found on Walter were believed to be fatal. In addition, they also condemned her for providing false accounts on the events that took place prior to the incident. She was held responsible for the death of Walter, and despite the fact that Sabrina was only a teenager at the time; the judge and the court sentenced her to sustain lethal injection. Sabrina Butler did not testify at the trail. With the aids from her mother and a volunteer lawyer, Sabrina prepared an appeal with the Supreme Court of Mississippi on several bases two years later.
On August 26th, 1992, the Supreme Court of Mississippi lifted the sanction for Sabrina Butler and reversed her verdicts, in which the court voiced concerns that the prosecution has ignore the possibility that her case was purely an accident versus a premeditated

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