Reformer's Unanimous Case Study

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Josh Duggar entered the rehab center, Reformer’s Unanimous. However, is this rehab center the best place for Josh to go? According to Radar Online, August 31, 2015, this place has a history of sex offenders working as staff members. A former member of the clergy was sentenced to serve 12 years in jail for having sex with an underage female, who is referred to as Jane Doe in the court documents. Reformer’s Unanimous is located in Rockford, Illinois. Pastor Jack Allen Schaap, 56, formerly a counselor at the Bible-based rehab center, allegedly transported the young girl across the state line so he could have sex with her. His assistant found pictures of the 16-year-old girl and Jack together on his iPhone. The pictures ranged from her being topless while lying on top of him, to Jack touching and kissing her bare breasts. It seems that no place was off limits to where he and Jane had sex. They did it in his office during a church youth conference. He took her to his cabin in Michigan where intimate pictures were taken of the two of them together. He told the young girl that she was a gift from God and that it was Christ’s desire for them to be together. In 2012, he took a plea deal and pled guilty to one felony count of criminal sexual assault. He was sentenced to serve 12 years in jail. After that, he was required to be under supervised release for five years. He appealed the ruling in 2014. He claimed that according to his lawyers, if he pled guilty, he would only …show more content…

However, he isn’t the only one with a sexual offense. Pastor Ray Borah was also a counselor at the Reformers Unanimous. He was a pastor at the North Love Baptist Church and he served on the Academic Dean of North Love Baptist College. While Pastor Borah was a youth pastor, he sexually assaulted an underage girl and he was sexually involved with two other underage girls. He was also married at the

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