Reform Vs Orthodoxy Essay

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Reform and Orthodoxy are two very different factions of the Jewish faith. Both forms of the religion are still very popular today and still are practiced. However, each differ on many levels. Whether that being the advanced points of the doctrine, both Reform and Orthodox Jews indicate their roots back to good old’ ancient Jewish history. Each tradition in their own way primarily seek to follow the pivotal Jewish Teachings.

Orthodox and Reform Jews trace their roots to a common ground which is back to the very beginning of time to when Moses received word from God on Mount Sinai giving him the Torah. Although both forms of Judaism follow different practices while in the traditions of these laws, Orthodoxy and Reform Jews still have more similarities than differences between each of their own. Some traditions carried on by the Reform, such as the development of the synagogue as a center for one’s community and not just a place of prayer and worship, have …show more content…

The Reform Jews primarily focus on the moral measurements of the faith instead of the old-style services, commandments and practices. Reform Jews moved the Sabbath day from Saturday to Sundays. The reform Jews often read the scriptures in the of their choice language instead of the native tongue of Hebrew. In addition they set aside the “kosher” dietary rules and their noticeable ways of dress, and their choice of circumcision as well. The guide these reform Jews follow is one of self-guiding. They use their own sensibility in order to decide what practices of their religion they would like to remain relevant and true. These reform Jews believe that breaking the normal routine from time to time helps on grow into their true self, which sometimes means changing the fundamental ways in which the religion is practiced. Reform Judaism is the largest form of Judaism in the United States that exists

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