Progressive Reform In The 20th Century Essay

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During the 20th century There were various social and profitable changes that the American society had underwent. These changes included modifications in technology and science, government roles, gender roles, health and wellbeing, and the conceptions of freedom. Progressive reformers desired to cast out corruption that was in the government, adjust some of the business forms, approach health threats, and boost the working conditions. Reformers also made a stand to provide the public with better direct control to be over the government through straightforward primaries that proposed candidates for the public office, absolute elections of senators, women’s suffrage, and recall. By the opening of the 20th century, libeling journalists were beginning to cause an uproar of the mishandling of child labor laws, fraudulency in the city’s …show more content…

Therefore at the state level the progressives played the part in minimum wage laws for the women workers, appointing industrial accidental insurance, blocking child labor, and improving factory regulations. At a national level, the congressed sought out to pass laws that entrenched the federal administrations for meat-packing, industrial railroads, drugs, and the heightened of anti-trust laws. This change also made the tariff lower, constituted federal control of the banking systems, and depicted legislation that they improved the working conditions. During the 20th century progressive era there were four constitutional amendments that were adopted. These amendments included the extension of women’s right to vote, authorizing an income on tax, and the prohibiting sale of the mass production of alcohol., and providing for the direct selection of

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